About Living Donation

Of the approximate 10,000 Texans awaiting a lifesaving transplant, more than 8,500 (85%) of them could be saved through living donation

A living donor is an option for patients who otherwise may face a lengthy wait for an organ from a deceased donor. Kidney and liver transplant candidates who are able to receive a living donor transplant can receive an organ much sooner, often in less than a year.

To spare an individual a long and uncertain wait, relatives, loved ones, friends, and even individuals who wish to remain anonymous may serve as living donors.

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All I was told was they would need one. I was good with that. The whole experience was very rewarding.

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Organ donation is a critical need for our state, but in this season of gratitude and giving, it’s one we can meet head-on if we work together and look out for one another.

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Kym Rakowtiz

Living Donor

To know his story and to truly see the difference my donation made gives me happy tears for sure! I still feel that way every time we meet up. He has become an extended part of my family.

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The Donate Life Texas registry is distinct and separate from any living donor registries or opportunities. Any decision about donating an organ should be made only with complete information on the possible risks and benefits. We offer these links as a helpful start to learn more: